Tips to More Successful Online Fundraising

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Online fundraising can be tricky. Here are 10 tips for a better online campaign from ConnecttoCharity.

Online fundraising can be extremely beneficial, but it takes more than just creating an online fundraising page to see results.  Online channels are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up and gain attention. There are tips and tricks you can use to help achieve your goal. We have provided you with a short list of helpful hints to improve your fundraiser.

The ultimate goal is to better the online donor experience. Read on to see how you can improve your fundraiser.

  1. Use progress meters
    Progress meters show how far you have come and how much more you need to complete your goal. Seeing the fundraiser get closer to its goal will motivate donors to donate.
  2. Make your fundraising page personal
    Potential donors want to connect with you and your cause. Provide them with stories from you or others who have been affected by your organization.
  3. Make sure your page is well organized with the right amount of content
    Cluttered, unorganized sites are hard to navigate and usually turn donors away.  Simplify your page and make it easy for visitors to understand your cause.
  4. Be sure donors easily understand how to donate once on your site
    Once people decide to give, they want to quickly understand how to.  They should not have to search for where and how to donate. Make the process clear and simple.
  5. Give visitors and potential donors reasons why they want to donate via your online channel
    Listing benefits for the user is always a good idea.  Most people want to know what’s in it for them. Assure them online donating for your cause is the right choice.
  6. Guarantee online donating through your page is safe and secure
    Many people can be skeptical about giving their information out over the internet. This may keep some from proceeding.  Assure them their information is secure and their donation will reach its destination.
  7. Make your page appealing
    Visually appealing sites will generate more traffic. Keeping the page clean and simple but also attractive can help keep people on your site, giving them more time to consider donating.
  8. Give the opportunity for donors to share your fundraiser via Twitter and Facebook
    Social media can really help promote your fundraiser.  If a donor feels strongly about your cause as well, give them the ability to easily share your page with their friends, family, and co-workers, in turn exposing you to more potential donors.
  9. Keep the process simple and easy
    A long, difficult process will turn donors away.  Create a clear plan of action they should take in order to help out.
  10. Include a few facts or statistics about your cause
    People who are considering donating want to know about the organization.  Why should they donate? Does it affect them? Giving them some knowledge on the issue will fuel their desire to help.

Use these ten tips as a checklist for improving your online fundraiser.  These simple adjustments will help you reach your goal. Get started today and continue to help your cause.

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