Are You a Digital Conversationalist?

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Adapted from the Marketing Profs: In a post at the Brain Vibe blog, Michele Goetz reports on common mistakes still being made by organizations in their quest for the right social media strategy. Among them:

  • Entry-level marketers and interns are tasked to take on the social media effort. Big mistake, Goetz warns. Putting your “brand, subject matter expertise, and yes, promotion, out there is not for the inexperienced,” she says.
  • The social effort is conducted by a PR agency. Although this approach can get your effort up and running more effectively, over time, it’s costly—and slows the conversation, she argues.

A better solution? “My conclusion is that what companies need to start thinking about is how to be the Digital Conversationalist,” Goetz says. She offers a “job description” of what being a conversationalist entails.

Among other traits, a Digital Conversationalist:

  • Is well-versed in your area of expertise—and is a good writer
  • Can “pass the beer test” with a wide audience in your customer base
  • Can “work the digital room and get a conversation going”
  • Can balance thought-provoking contribution with the ability to ask questions and get responses
  • Can turn lemons into lemonade
  • Knows he or she is only part of the conversation and not the center of attention.

A true conversationalist finds the balance between thought leadership and the maintenance of a vibrant customer-driven community, Goetz concludes.

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