Getting Naked to Build Relationships

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Nudist camps aside, there are very few reasons most of us get naked, and building professional relationships is probably not one of them. However, there is a type of nakedness required to connect with your (fill in the blank) ______________: 1) audience, 2) donors, 3) clients, 4) readers, 5) followers, 6) others.

This type of “getting naked” isn’t related to clothing – it’s about who you are, the real person behind the public persona. And how much is too much? Getting naked about your real personality doesn’t include sharing labor and birth stories or your deepest secret. It does include an ounce or more of empathy, and a huge dose of humor.

When building strong relationships, it’s necessary to expose enough of the “you” behind the business suit or blog post to establish a connection. Relationships are between real people, and although a crafty delivery – verbal or written – will capture someone’s attention for a few minutes, without some feeling of personal connection the initial interest won’t last beyond those early moments of interaction.

Sonia’s blog post from says it much better than I can, so strip away your fears, remove all doubt, expose yourself to new experiences, settle back into your chair, and, well, get naked.

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