Kick Start Your Year-End Appeal

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From Big Duck, 4 ideas to help you kick start your year-end fundraising appeal:

  • Consider driving your appeal this year with a theme or concept that’s bigger than just ‘we need your help’. We are partial to ideas that inspire emotions, don’t focus on the negative or sound desperate, and provide lots good opportunities for audiences to get involved.
  • Make it unique. What have you been up to that you can speak about that’s really engaging? Why should I support you and not your peers this year-end? Tell me more, please.
  • Plan it out proactively. Don’t wait until the 11th hour to start writing and designing. This year, map out a calendar that details the emails you’ll send, how you’ll use social media, what will happen on your website, and what’ll go in the mail. Map out the timing in detail and block out your personal work calendar now so you actually have a shot at making it happen.
  • Finally, don’t forget about December 31. It’s dazzling how many people give on this date. Don’t forget to ask them- ideally with email on that date.
Good luck!

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