Love is in the Air

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Love is in the air, or it should be.

I just spent a week in Nashville, meeting with colleagues, potential donors, community activists and the like. I loved every minute, and fell in love with every person I met.

I am serious.

The enthusiasm and authenticity of every individual I spoke with was palpable in their words, their actions, their dedication.

One night I called my husband following a particularly long day and instead of sounding tired (which is how I felt) he commented that I sounded happy. HAPPY. And I was. I was beyond happy, I was ecstatic to have met so many truly good people. I was in love.

Are you in love with your donors? If you’re not having this kind of experience in your fundraising efforts, maybe you should give a bit more thought to who these people are: who are your donors, who is your audience? Do you know them? Do you like them? Do you love them? If not, how can you be successful in your efforts?

To help you jump into this love affair, don’t miss this blog post  by Stefan Lanfer of the Barr Foundation, written after The Communications Network conference earlier this month. Good luck!

Luv ya!  ~ Jean



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