Relationships Matter!

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My life is about relationships, both personal and professional. It wasn’t always that way, I used to be more selfishly focused, always wondering what “was in it for me” not what was in it for the other person. I was not as happy then as I am now.

Once I discovered that strong, honest, committed relationships enrich my life and my work, everything got easier. It’s not that life became simple – because committed relationships are hard work, but it’s work I have learned to love. And it pays off, committed donors give more and true friendships really do go both ways.

This morning I was reminded of some relationship tips while reading Katya’s blog again (I told you she was my favorite). Below are 7 ways to have a committed relationships with your donors. Take a look at your development plan, think about your donor relations (ponder your personal relationships while you’re at it) but this is about fundraising, so ask yourself: do your donors know that:

1. Your team is working effectively to reach mission goals?

2. There will be an appropriate and expected behavior from you when they do or ask or need something?

3. They will receive a sincere and timely thank you?

4. Their opinions have value and you will make time to hear them?

5. They are part of your team and working with you as a donor participant?

6. They are valued, their involvement is appreciated and important?

7. They will receive current updates on goals achieved and progress made?

According to Donor Voice, for every 1,000 donors moved from low to high commitment you can expect $200,000 in increased revenue. Donor voice donor commitment study_2011 executive summary.docx

As I’ve long said, it’s truly all about relationships. Make your donor relationships a priority in your fundraising efforts. And while you’re at it, call a friend. 🙂



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