Too Embarrassed to ASK?

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From our friends at FutureFundraisingNow: “It’s odd, but some fundraisers seem to think fundraising is not such a good thing. They think it’s a necessary evil that annoys donors. If there were some way to get funding without fundraising, they’d be all over that.

The Too Busy To Fundraise blog has a suggestion for dealing with this attitude, at Be Happy:

As you think about the fundraising you need to do … cast your mind back to the last charitable gift you gave. Study after study show that making a gift makes the giver happy. I’ll bet that when you signed that check or pledge card, happy was the way you felt. Satisfied that you were doing good and that, because of you, good things would happen.

Never, never think you are taking something away from the donor who gives to you. They are coming out way ahead in the deal.

Giving is good. It’s fun. It makes givers happy. It does a lot more than that too. Don’t let a half-shaped delusional bad belief lead you away from the service you’re doing by asking donors to give.”



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