Tweet Like a Human

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Your organization is not human, but you are. When using social media, add that personal touch to avoid seeming “institutional” in your communications. Several tips from The Communication Network, by guest author Larry Blumenthal of Open Road Advisors are helpful as we try to personalize our online communications; I have summarized the five easy tips below:

  • Personalize your communications. Don’t sound like an institution, speak like a person, and share positive stories about people in your organization.
  • Create a virtual open-door atmosphere through your tweets. Talk about your most recent read, share the slogan that’s on your wall and explain why it’s there, link to a newly found resource. Share meaningful pics or quotes from events.
  • Become the student. Ask for input. Pose questions. Ask. Listen. Respond.
  • Retweet posts. Promote others. Mention @friends.
  • Have fun and be creative. Vary your tweet style. Add some humor. Be human. Cause someone to smile.
See you on Twitter!

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