Facts tell. Stories sell.

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Even before our first day at kindergarten we recognized the importance of storytelling. And once we entered our first kindergarten class, blanket (or carpet) time was typically the best part of the day.

Why, then, is it so difficult to be a storyteller as an adult? Maybe it’s because stories seem more personal. Or maybe it’s because we feel childish or silly. Or maybe it’s simply because we aren’t sure how to do it.

The 3 P’s of Storytelling might help your efforts, see what you think:

POINT – When creating a storyline, define your point; focus your message. What are you trying to convey?

PERSONALIZE – Share your message in a way that relates to your audience. What will they understand?

PASSION – Make certain you believe your own words and can stand behind them. What emotion are you sharing?

In today’s world we are bombarded with thousands of messages a day. Which will we remember?

We remember the stories that touch our hearts and we take action based on our emotions. We may justify our actions with facts, but at the moment of decision – a purchase, a donation, a letter of support, a commitment – we are acting on our emotions.

As you craft your story, ask yourself what you want your audience to take away. Whatever it is, make it the point and focus of your story.

Now personalize it.

If you’re talking about the nation’s economy, break it down so that it makes “dollars and sense” when related to a typical household budget. Tell it in a way that creates an emotional connection; be passionate about how high level decisions directly affect the grocery list of the average citizen. Your message should not only be heard, it should be felt by your audience. Believe in what you are saying and make certain it shows.

We may not be able to bring out the fuzzy blankets of our toddler days, or sit in a carpet circle when it’s time to tell our story, but if we’ve prepared with the 3 P’s of Storytelling we’ll be fine.

Story-based presentations humanize your message. Give it a try, and if you’re still wary, tuck your blankie nearby for comfort.



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