In Today’s Market…

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….we can’t act like we did in the past.

Jobs are scarce, money is tight, and emotions are on edge.

Details matter, even the little things. It’s up to you – the applicant, the fundraiser, the consultant – to deliver an easy-to understand and seemingly easy-to-implement message. If there’s a special request, difficult timeline, or detailed online form that complicates what should be a fairly easy process, you may (will) lose the attention and interest of your audience.

Whether fundraising, applying for a job, or talking to potential clients, your message – what you have to offer, what you are selling – needs to be clear, focused and doable.

  • A donor wants the donation process to be safe, secure and simple.
  • An employer wants the hiring process to be thorough, effective and simple.
  • A client wants your presentation to be tailored, understandable, and simple.

Details matter, but keep them simple and on topic. Negotiations are important, but remember to make it easy for someone to hire you, or to make a donation. In today’s market it’s not smart to create barriers or obstacles between you and your target audience.

Simplicity doesn’t mean half-arsed;  it means to not create an information overload that may stall any forward motion.

Yes, in today’s market everything is different, so take a minute to put yourself in “their” shoes before delivering your message, then take a second minute to edit out the unnecessary, simplify the details, and clarify your focus based on your audience and your goal.

It’s a little more work, but it’s worth the extra effort. Good luck!

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