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Today I have struggled with this blog, finally reaching the understanding that I have nothing to say. Rather than let a good blog opportunity go by, I thought maybe I would expound on my nothing-to-sayness.

Because the reality is – I always have something to say. It’s more that sometimes it’s not necessary, or not the right time, or not that important.

With today’s overload of information via social networking, email, voice recognition technology, blogs, RSS feeds, smart phones, iPads, and more, there’s something to be said for saying nothing.

As a three-decade nonprofit professional, I’ve learned to be selective in my communication. The old adage children should be seen not heard might occasionally apply to an organization as well.

Too many emails, newsletters, reminders, and even events can become too much for a supporter to handle – after all, they have lives too, and theirs, unlike ours, isn’t typically focused on the nonprofit organization they have chosen to support.

Give ’em a break.  If you really don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all.  If it’s a blog, skip a day – not four days. If it’s a regular newsletter, keep it simple this time.

Donors can sense a lack of sincerity, so it’s important that we don’t pretend with them. And after an abbreviated shout out, you can pick up next time from right where you left off in an earlier pre-nothing-to-say communication.

Don’t misunderstand. Regular, consistent communication is important, but only if it’s honest, relevant communication.

And with that, I’m shutting up.



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