Sometimes You Need a Pro

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When I was a young girl, our family would visit Big Bear Lake in the summer. Our neighbors had a cabin and we would fish, hike, play and eat great food for a weekend.

Finding the cabin wasn’t easy, it was built at the far end of the Lake in an up and down maze of mountain roads. At one point, we would have to stop our car and honk, then listen to see if anyone was headed down the very steep, one-lane road in front of us, before heading up that same hill. If no return honk was heard, you were good to go. Every now and then we would honk, hear nothing in response and head up the hill only to find ourselves hood-to-hood with a car coming down the hill. This was not a task for amateur drivers!

Sometimes you need a pro.

In spite of the hidden author in all of us, there may come a time when you should give up writing and hire someone to do it for you. Fundraising is all about communication and the quality of writing can make or break your efforts to share successes, needs and information with your donors. Lack of creativity, energy, time, and yes, ability, are all justifiable reasons to leave the wordsmithing to the pros.

And so I am signing off as today’s blogger and sharing the words of Kimberly Roth in her blog entry 5 Signs You Should Hire a Professional Writer as posted on the website.

If you’re struggling with your communications efforts, consider this a honk. Head’s up!

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