Steve Jobs Fought for the Best, Not the Most

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Steve Jobs was an icon.

Some are comparing his impact on the world to the lives of Einstein and Edison, but others remember him as the guy who never gave up, thought beyond the expected, and brought global recognition to the letter “i”. No matter where you fall on the wide spectrum of Jobs memories, I am fairly certain you know who he was.

One man’s 20-minute phone conversation with Jobs reminded me of the greatest attribute of a leader – someone who makes the time to help others, and by so doing inspires greatness.

Many thanks to Lucas Haley for sharing his personal experience and reminding us that Steve Jobs was great, certainly because of his genius and vision, but also because of his humanity. As Haley states in his article, “He was a leader who fought for the best, not the most.”

My hat’s off to Steve Jobs. He was many things, but in the end his life changed the world dramatically and made it better.

Image credit: iSource: (Steve Jobs tribute logo created by Jonathan Mak, a 19-year old in Hong Kong).

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