10 Business Tips to Keep Your Nonprofit on the Road to Success

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It’s true. Nonprofit organizations are unique.

It’s also true that nonprofit organizations are still businesses.

That said, I remember working for several nonprofit organizations who had forgotten that they were a business, responsible to the staff, the donors, the board and their target audience. This is a recipe for failure.

Success, however, is just around the corner IF you follow simple business practices.

Here are 10 business tips to keep your nonprofit on the road to success:

  1. Define your mission and stick to it. Measure every action against your mission statement.
  2. Identify your target audience. Focus your efforts in their direction and for their benefit.
  3. Discover your uniqueness and market it.
  4. Make certain your finances are in order. Manage your cash flow carefully.
  5. Value, manage and empower your staff – your team.
  6. Manage expectations. This applies to your staff, your donors, your partners, your target audience.
  7. Set realistic goals and create a plan to reach them.
  8. Tell your story, often and everywhere. Where you’ve been, what you’re doing, where you’re going as an organization.
  9. Stick with it. Take the downs with the ups.
  10. Be honest in your relationships and endeavors. Integrity is the most important attribute you can have.

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