12 Steps to More Successful EOY Fundraising

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It’s that time again, the New Year approaches and the EOY rush begins!

December outreach that targets online givers is a source of funding we cannot afford to miss considering 40% of online givers donate in December. EOY (end of the year) fundraising plans should be nearing completion, assuming they aren’t already drafted and ready to go.

Here are 12 simple steps for a more successful 2011 EOY effort:


  1. Send more than one email in December. Send several. And send a series in the last week of the month (holiday gift, tax deduction reminder, last chance to give this year).
  2. Remember that Matching Gift requests tend to get a better response, so make sure you highlight your Matching Gift Opportunity in your email.
  3. Share your progress with your donors, let them know how much you’ve raised so far and how much more you need to raise to meet your goal.
  4. Post your fundraising deadline, often and everywhere.
  5. Create a unique DONATE button for December. Make sure it’s placed in a prominent place.
  6. Make the effort easy for your donors. Test it out yourself with a $5 donation; experience how your donation process works. Fix the kinks and simplify!
  7. Add a special EOY Landing Page to your site for the month of December, or part of the month.
  8. Be positive. Negative is so 90’s. Donors are looking for positive results, positive effort, positive stories.
  9. Use social media. Add links and embed video in your email. Consider using a compelling image as part of your storytelling.
  10. Keep your email simple, short, and to the point.
  11. Touch your house file in late November or early December (maybe a “tis the season” note), then follow up with your EOY series.
  12. Don’t forget a clear, concise call to action!
Good luck and Happy Fundraising!

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