Make It Easy for Your Donors to Give

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I remember a casual conversation of several years ago with a donor. We were talking about what motivates him to give to certain organizations.

He commented that a long-standing favorite charity had recently sent him a direct mail fundraising letter. Since this was a charity he gave to annually, he pulled out his checkbook to write – wait for it – a $5,000 check.  However, as he scanned back through the letter, checked for a BRE (business reply envelope) and looked over the letterhead, there was no mailing address – ANYWHERE.

NO BRE. The letter had been produced on a unique letterhead which did not include any contact information. And there was no contact information in the letter content.

He thought for a minute and tore up the already written check. His exact words, “If they can’t make it easy for me to give and be professional while they do it, I’m not going to give.” And he didn’t. He chose not to give to this charity because of their failure to meet basic fundraising standards.

He was disappointed in the charity, and I am certain the charity was disappointed when this donor’s anticipated annual donation didn’t arrive.

As you approach your EOY efforts (and all year round), please remember to include accurate, concise information in your outreach, including current contact information – whether it is on your website, in a personal meeting, an eAsk or a direct mail.

Step-by-Step recently posted a fundraising letter template. Take a look and consider using the itemized list of 12 Items to Include in Donation Letters as a checklist.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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