There’s Never Enough Time (or how making lists can change your life)

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It wouldn’t matter if you were an eight-armed, right-left brain perfectly balanced humanoid working triple-time, the clock would not stop ticking right past deadlines.

Daily duties and weekly goals can seem overwhelming when we don’t take the time to prioritize, and the best way to prioritize is by making a list and then to actually follow the list we’ve created.

Effective, diligent listmaking will take your personal or professional efforts to a new level of efficiency. They help your mind to focus on one thing at a time, even though there are 25 items on the list before you. They provide order in a world of craziness. And they remind you of what’s most important so that you don’t waste your time on minutiae when you should be saving the world.

And as always, there’s someone who has said it better than I ever could. Please take a minute to check out this MindTools article; it walks you through the easy steps to effective list making and greater efficiency, and even provides a template.

Personalize your lists, use a template that works for you. Maybe MindTools has the perfect model, or maybe you’re better using a smartphone application, or maybe, like my father-in-law, you tuck a small spiral notebook  or 3X5 cards in your pocket and work from that.

As for me, I’m officially checking this blog post off my list of things to do today!

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