Why Fundraisers Come and Go

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I’ve been in several fundraising positions prior to launching myself into the consultant role. I joined, and I left these positions for a myriad of reasons (some best not repeated here).

But in general when discussing why fundraisers come and go there are some definite constants: an amazing mission and what appears to be a positive corporate culture combined with appropriate compensation attract fundraisers to an organization, while poor leadership, the absence of real collaboration, minimal support from management, and insufficient compensation are key factors that lead to development professionals moving on.

Having laid the foundation I will now send you off to Facts About Fundraising Stuff, a post on the nonprofit job seeker website for corroboration of my personal experience and views.

Managers, take note because this is a key (though often undervalued) position in your organization.

Job seekers, maintain your high standards because you’re worth it.

And as for consulting, it has its benefits and its challenges, just like a full time position. It’s not for everyone, but for some of us it’s perfect.

Happy hunting!



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