Did You Know….? (or how to get the biggest bang out of your EOY effort)

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Did you know that 50% of donors will check out your website before making a donation?

Did you know that most online end-of-year giving will happen in the last week of December?

Did you know that there are amazing bloggers in the nonprofit world? Well, they do and there are.

This blog post on Maximizing End-Of-Year Online Giving, by Sandy Rees (CFRE) is a great reminder for those who need to tweak their website for optimum user experience and add life with pictures, color and storytelling.

You should also (you have time, just do it!) review your end-of-year online campaign:

  1. Are your EOY eBlasts drafted and ready to go? They should be short and to the point.
  2. If doable, have you personalized your automatic thank you reply to online donors?
  3. If you are sending an EOY direct mail, it should be going, going, gone!
  4. If you didn’t send an EOY direct mail, you should have your 2012 Annual Appeal direct mail ready to send in early January.
  5. Be honest with your donors. Let them know if you have a deadline, matching funds, special funding needs. Communicate this clearly and succinctly.
  6. Be thankful. I can’t say this enough. Show your gratitude with phone calls, emails, personal notes, automated thank you’s. Not just one, but several.
It’s countdown time. I hope this helps you finalize anything that’s not already completed for your EOY effort.
Let’s end 2011 with a bang!

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