It’s December – You Have 30 Days to Meet Your Fundraising Goals

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Where did the year go? It’s December! Wow.

There’s no time to waste. Look at your calendar. You have 30 days to reach your fundraising goals. (You’re welcome for the reminder).

S0, how ya doin’?

There’s no time to panic. Take a breath. Review your development plan. Check your calendar again, work with your team, use your database management system, and get to work.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Are you panicking even though there’s no time? Haven’t accomplished what you wanted to before December 1?

OK, stop and prioritize at least these 4 things:

  1. December EOY direct mail – if this isn’t already mailed, or drafted and off to the printer, do it now. Do not delay. Get this out the door ASAP.
  2. December EOY early eBlast – draft and send next week, make it a reminder of your 2011 accomplishments and EOY campaign
  3. December EOY mid-month eBlast – draft and send the week before Christmas, make it a holiday message with an ASK, reminding your audience of who you are and what you stand for. Maybe offer them an opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter.
  4. December EOY last week of the month eBlasts – send 2 – 3 during the week between Christmas and the New Year (12.27/12.29/12.31), have these eBlasts ready to go and set up to send in Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or whatever you use before you leave for the holidays. If something new comes up, you can always edit. Make these emails short, snappy reminders that a donation to your 501(c)3 organization is a tax deduction, or maybe you have a matching grant that’s nearing the deadline, or possibly you’re within just a few thousand dollars of your December fundraising goal, and on the 31st of December, remind your donors that it’s the last day to give in 2011.

And when you’ve checked your list (twice), it will be 2012. And we get to start again. New goals, new experiences, new friends.

Don’t you love being a fundraiser? It’s a never-ending crusade for a good cause. When you think about it, what better way to spend your working (and sometimes personal) hours?!

Happy New Year!

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