5 Easy Steps to a Facebook Ask

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There are many ways to approach your Facebook friends and followers for a donation, but today’s focus is on a soft ask within an event announcement. It’s simple. Quick. Easy. And can be very effective.  Here are the 5 steps to create an effective event page ask:

  1. Create a unique FB Event page announcing your upcoming event
  2. Include a compelling image on the new page
  3. Draft inviting copy describing the event, speaker, activities, etc.
  4. Include a registration link.
  5. Ask for support within your content, as your last paragraph.
Below is a solid example of how to manage Step #5:
“Would you please consider making a donation to the ABC Organization for the Red, White and Blue? If you are not able to support us financially please support the cause of liberty <or whatever your particular cause is, child abuse, etc>  by sharing this with your Facebook friends. Visit our contribution page <don’t forget to insert your contribution page link>. Thank you in advance for your support. It makes all the difference.”
There are many other ways to ask for support on Facebook, but this is a tried and true soft ask that works well and is easily incorporated into your Events Page content. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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