Board Members Are People Too!

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Because I have been out of the office AND because I couldn’t say it better, I am sharing this link to Pamela Grow’s blog post on why (and how) your board members should always be financial supporters of your nonprofit organization (the post includes a sample template letter to send to your board members!).

She’s just awesome, isn’t she? If you aren’t already following Pamela’s Grantwriting Blog, you should. Here are three key points from this important blog post:

  • What’s that you say?  You don’t currently have a policy on board giving?  There’s no time like now to start.
  • Every member of your board should be contributing financially at a level that is generous for them.
  • More and more grantmaking foundations are making it part of their criteria to only fund organizations with 100% board giving.

And she’s right, on all counts. I especially like her point that each board member should be contributing financially at a level that is GENEROUS for them.

Board members should make significant financial contributions and you should start working on this today!

There is one additional point I would add to Pamela’s excellent commentary: As with all donors, unless they request anonymity, don’t forget to recognize board members for their contributions, both in time and money. The fact that they are on your board does not disqualify them from, or indicate they don’t appreciate appropriate, timely recognition.

It’s really back to the basics of fundraising, isn’t it? Remember to ask and to thank.

And also remember, board members are people too!



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