What’s Really Important

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If today had been the most successful fundraising day of my three decade career, it wouldn’t have changed my understanding of what’s really important.

These past few days our family has been vigilantly monitoring the health of my sweet granddaughter who is very sick with metapneumovirus (similar to RSV). She’s in the ICU as this is posted, but her symptoms are improving and our prayers continue.

Every day of our lives we have choices and responsibilities. Every day we focus on our to-do lists, we sometimes enter our offices and effectively attempt to shut out the world and personal life, but no matter how busy, how important, how many deadlines we have, we should never forget what’s really important.

Whether fundraising as a professional, managing a business, planning an event, or simply living our day-to-day life, we can not afford to forget what’s really important, and for me what’s really important is family, friends, health and faith.

Those of us who work with amazing mission-focused nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to focus our time on important causes as part of our daily life. It’s a near-perfect world when we are able to appropriately balance our time, focus and passion between our worthy causes and those personal things that are really important.

When I forget to remember these things, I find that succeeding in my daily responsibilities and goals becomes much more difficult and much less rewarding. It’s a lesson I learned later in life than I would like to admit, so I’m sharing it here to possibly touch someone who may have lost site of what’s really important.

Do your job, set your priorities, focus as you need to, and excel at what you do, but never, ever, ever forget what and who is really important.

“No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”  

~ David O. McKay

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