Excellence Exemplified: CHOICE Humanitarian

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I’ve been to Guatemala and Mexico numerous times. I have dear friends in Nepal, Kenya and Bolivia, as well as Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and around the world. I consider myself very fortunate.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Central and South America in both comfort and simplicity. I’ve slept in humble homes and stayed in luxurious hotels. I’ve shared meals of beans and little else, and I’ve dined in the fanciest restaurants.

My memories, the things I remember best, are from my experiences in those humble homes. The names of the hotels and their extravagant meals are forgotten.

The feel of a clay bowl in my hands will never be forgotten.

The memories of the villagers’ simple joys have never left me. Nor has the memory of how their life was so difficult, and could so easily be made better – with a little help from outside of their impoverished world.

And there’s an amazing organization that is making life better for those who live in poverty: CHOICE Humanitarian.

CHOICE Humanitarian is about people. With support from our donors and partners, we connect motivated villages to resources and tools that allow villagers to change their lives. By building skills, capacities and leadership of the villagers, entire communities can break the cycle of poverty. Communities continue to move forward by defining objectives and leveraging connections.”

CHOICE Humanitarian is making a difference in Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, Kenya and Bolivia, places where I have traveled and have friends. Of all my travels, my memories of Guatemala are the clearest, as if they happened yesterday.

  • I remember being graciously offered  the only “chair” in a villager’s adobe home, and the shock when my then skinny bottom landed on hard planks of wood layed side by side (covered by a thin woven fabric giving the appearance of a cushion).
  • I remember humbly and hesitantly accepting the gift of a framed picture that had been hand-embroidered on muslin, the only picture that had been hanging in the adobe home.
  • I remember the small hole to release smoke in the thatched roof, and I remember the large hole in the “backyard” where they had dug out the mud adobe to build their home.
  • I remember the gracious generosity of those who had nothing to give but who were willing and wanting to give anything they could to make their guests comfortable.

And I remember my first CHOICE event several years ago where videos and stories were shared about how lives were changed. Fresh water was pumped, a new school had been built, women were starting small businesses with microloans…it was early in this organization’s life, but I remember thinking that they really had it together. My hunch was correct.

CHOICE has a blog. Read it and be inspired, then get involved, and change a life.

The opportunity taken, to change lives, is truly excellence exemplified.

And that’s what CHOICE is about: people and changing lives for the better. Is there any better mission?

Make YOUR CHOICE today – change a life. And experience excellence.

And if you get the chance, savor some beans from a clay bowl while seated on a plank in a humble adobe hut. There’s nothing like it.

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