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Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

Are you dressed down? Is your desk in total disarray? Are you counting the hours (minutes) until it’s 5 o’clock somewhere? Yes? Well, you’re in good company!

But there’s at least one organization that doesn’t rest on its laurels on this much-awaited last day of the work week: Mixtape Communications. Or maybe they are resting and their Free Tool Friday post has long been cued for posting (smart, aren’t they?!).

In any case, the Free Tool Friday link may be a good one to follow…today’s “free tool” at Mixtape will help you create Simple Webpages in Minutes. Another free tool from the past asks What if you drew your mission statement?.

I also discovered this Tons O’ Free Tools for Nonprofits post from May 2011.

I don’t suppose there’s a need for a “free tool” on How to Best Celebrate TGIF! but we probably don’t need one, do we?

Have a great weekend!

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