EOY Pie, Anyone?

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Did I hear “It’s not even August yet, why are you talking about EOY?!”  I thought so. Well guess what, August begins tomorrow and your end-of-year fundraising should have already started.

Questions you might ask yourself to see if you’re on track for your EOY fundraising effort:

  • Do you have a fundraising goal in place? (how many dollars do you plan to raise in what period of time)
  • Do you have a plan to reach your fundraising goal? (determining how will you ask, what will you ask, who will you ask and when will you ask is critical to your success)
  • Is your donation page specific to your ask? (create unique donation pages for your unique asks, rather than sending every donor for every project to your generic donation page)

If you haven’t given a thought to your EOY ASK, now’s a good time to start thinking about it. Here are a few tips from Salsa Labs to get you started:

  1. There is a PATTERN to fundraising. It looks like a pie and it incorporates a surge of giving in December. Each “slice” should be building in some way to your EOY efforts.
    1. The first slice comprises the first fiscal quarter, January to March
    2. The second slice comprises the second fiscal quarter, April to June
    3. The third slice comprises the third fiscal quarter, July to September
    4. The fourth slice comprises the first two months of the last fiscal quarter, October and November.
    5. The fifth slice comprises December 1 through approximately Christmas
    6. And the sixth and final slice comprises just a very few crucial days: the last week of the year.
  2. Ask, Ask, Ask

    Specifically for the EOY last minute effort, plan to ask by email at least twice (we suggest three or more times) before Dec. 25. And really plan to hit the last week of the year with at least three asks. Ask more than that if you can! December is not the time to be bashful.

    • Ask on Saturday, Dec. 31. You should always email at least one fundraising ask on New Year’s Eve, which might be more lucrative in a few hours than some entire months elsewhere on the calendar.
    • Ask at least twice in the Dec. 27 – Dec. 30 span. (Many people will have Monday, Dec. 26 off as their Christmas holiday.)

    Keep It Simple

    Your email has, at best, a few seconds to prove its relevance to the potential donor.

    • Succinct. (Emails should rarely exceed 500 words.)
    • Direct. Don’t bury the ask, or weaken it by mixing in links to non-donation actions.
    • Powerful. Ask the heart, not the head. An image really is worth a thousand … bucks.
    • Repetitious. Link to the donation page multiple times – early, middle, and late in the text, plus any sidebars or buttons.

    Cross Your Channels

    Email is still the go-to fundraising tool for most organizations, but ask everywhere else you’re online, too.

    • Ask on Facebook.
    • Ask on Twitter … and repeat.
    • Ask on your website. It’s not just email subscribers who’ll donate! Get a donation pitch front-and-center on your home page and any other typical entry pages.
Fundraising is a year-round effort with an end-of-year rush.
Grab a slice.

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