Face It: You Are Duct Tape

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It’s hard to be everything to everyone. But that pretty much sums up a fundraiser’s role.

We connect with people anywhere, anytime, anyhow (over coffee or chopped salad, in their home, the airport, or at a garden party) at their level of interest.

We search for the common denominator and build upon that foundation. We ignore differences where we can. We build on the common and push the disparities aside.

We are the connection between our organization and supporters. We are often the face of the nonprofit we represent. We are all too often the communicator between our CEO and our major donors.

We seek, we find, we plan, we communicate, we cultivate, we bond, we involve, we inform, we thank, we counsel, we prioritize, we sort, we embrace, we ignore, we praise, we build, we encourage, we nod, we smile, we ask.

We start at the beginning and we see it through to the end.

We do a lot. And when we’re out of pocket, it can be a challenge for everyone, including ourselves.

The solution to prevent a disconnect during our offline time is planning. Planning outreach in advance so that when we are out of pocket, no one will even notice. Well, hardly notice. OK, they will notice, but the processes will continue without us standing watch.

Never underestimate the power of backward planning. If you’ve calendared your outreach and planned ahead. Your vacation, your illness, your emergency will not be cause for worry or delay. Everything should be ready to go automatically, even in your absence.

Think ahead. Plan ahead. And keep smiling.

You really are everything to everyone a lot of the time.  Be prepared and don’t work too hard. The more you plan, the easier it will be.

You are the connector. You are duct tape.

It’s a sticky business, but someone has to do it.

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