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Katya made a point in a recent blog post about “the one thing every home page needs”.

I have repeated over and over again the very same advice, in fact, I have implemented it with several organizations I work with. And yet, my home page is missing the one thing every home page needs.

Katya reminded me of the importance of the human connection when someone lands on your home page. I’ve always phrased it as having “eyes” on your home page, someone looking straight back at the viewer. Because when people surf the internet and land on your page, you have 3 seconds to catch their attention. As I’ve said before, the eyes have it.

A viewer’s gaze will automatically connect with the eyes on the face you have chosen to share. Visit your home page, take a look…is there anyone there? If so, do they make you feel welcome? Engaged? Hypnotized? (just kidding)

When you gaze into those eyes,  do they say “Come in and set a spell” or “I need your help”? If not, they should.

And yet, as of this moment as I am typing,  there are no “eyes” on my home page. No one to welcome you to the site and invite you stay awhile.

Therefore, today begins a new strategy. My image will now be used on the blog posts until I can redesign my home page (time is the challenge here, so bear with me please; it will get done!).

So take a look, let me know what you think. And yup, that’s me.

Come on in and set a spell!

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