A Work In Progress

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We are under construction! It doesn’t really look like it, but we are basically not here due to the debris. Safety first! 😉

Seriously, in the next few weeks, a newly revamped website will come alive for The RESOURCE Tank…right before your eyes!

We are in the process of prioritizing our services, based on our successes of the past few years. I can’t share everything right here and now, but to give you a hint: we might be leaning toward major gift fundraising,  organizational structure assessments, board training, and development editing – the areas where we excel and have seen the greatest success with our clients. And to be honest, I’m getting too old to manage events…that is exhausting work! I still love it, and might veer off to manage small events, but that’s it!

In addition, we will be working with one unique nonprofit organization to increase awareness of the deadly affects of alcohol and drug abuse, and to provide grant funding to addicts who seek and need treatment but are unable to pay for it themselves. More on this soon, including a link to their new website. This is a great work and we are proud to be involved.

Please forgive us for being less active these past few months, we have relocated to Carmel, CA…our Carmel office will be opening (officially) in April 2013, and we will make an announcement at the appropriate time. What is it they say? If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. We are moving forward! And hope you are too.

Keep on reaching out to your donors, make them feel a part of what you are doing, never forget your organization’s mission as you plan, and connect those dots. You are awesome!

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