But the Greatest of These is Charity

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It’s long been recognized that kindness and charity toward others are noble efforts. As fundraisers, we know this because we’ve seen it (“it” being charity-in-action); we’ve lived it, we’ve asked for it, we’ve received it, we’ve been grateful for it, and we’ve leveraged it to get the most bang from a buck – literally. We live and breathe charity. We do fundraising, and we do it well.

Fundraising is a noble effort when approached honestly, conducted ethically, and performed responsibly. It is a profession worthy of recognition and respect, if not from the world, than at least from those who claim it as their own.

Fundraising. It’s what we do, you and me, every day of our lives. And yet, there are many who think of fundraising as “something they could NEVER do!” and there are others who are aching to leave the profession because “asking for money makes me feel like I’m begging.” To these folks I would simply offer  “you don’t get it.”

And they don’t, at least it appears they don’t based on their aversion to the act of fundraising (which they think of as simply asking people for money). And I get that, I really do. Fundraising, as I’ve said many times, is not something most of us woke up as a young child and told our Mom we wanted to do when we grew up.

Just imagine this: Bobby: “I want to be a fireman!” Amy: “I want to be a nurse!” Jean: “I want to be a fundraiser!”……………. I can assure you, this did not happen.

But a fundraiser I am, and a proud one at that. And I am so because of the inspirational organizations I’ve had the pleasure to work with and the creatively generous donors and partners I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the course of my several decade career, resulting in good works, charitable acts, and  literally thousands of friends and colleagues throughout the world.

To me, fundraising is the act of graciously, yet strategically, enabling charitable giving. It’s the method within the madness. It’s a philanthropic tool that connects Good Samaritans to those who need support.

Thank God for those who are willing to share, to support, to give.

And thank God for those who are willing to Ask. I am honored to rub shoulders with those brave souls who, like me, “get it”.

We get it. We believe and know that charity never fails. It never has. It never will.

Thank God.

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