Leadership. I Know! Right?!

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The English language has changed over the past decades, but it’s not the only thing. As our young leaders of tomorrow respond with new affirmations of agreement (such as, “I know! Right?!”), the leaders of today need to pay attention.

We are not dealing with just another generation of college grads who want to change the world; we are dealing with a group of brilliant, worldly, tech-savvy, research-based, reality-driven individuals with a passion for tomorrow that we can’t match.

They’ve lived through a multitude of yesterdays (ours and theirs), are now existing in the erratic world of today (thanks to us), and are hoping their tomorrows hold more promise than ours appear to hold. Yes, that’s what I said…more promise than ours, since a large majority of today’s adults are not prepared financially for tomorrow, and are therefore changing the landscape of our children’s tomorrows. And also because the world’s anger and hatred is apparent and visible and deadlier than ever before.

In today’s corporations, the leaders of tomorrow are often way ahead of the leaders of today. Not in experience, but in knowledge, in networking, and in balance. They do not intend to spend their lives glued to a monitor in a small office, or bound to a company because of a lack of courage to try something different. They are learning as they go, and they are learning faster than anyone ever has before due to the incredible access to information they hold in their palms. They connect with others via LinkedIn and Instagram and other online communities. They socialize more than we did as a result of the online ability to network. They research instantly and have immediate access to information it took us hours or days or more to discover.

Technology has taken leadership to a new level. It’s opened doors that were closed, altered the traditional view from the CEO’s office, charted new territory in underused processes, shrunk the world, expanded opportunities, and it’s made it easier to test the waters without drowning.

Leadership is about inspiring others, it’s about setting the example, it’s about sharing knowledge and experience with those who will follow. And we better step up quickly because the leaders of tomorrow aren’t lagging behind, they are right on our heels, they are following close and they are watching us between texts. Sometimes, they pass us by.

The English language will continue to change. Abbreviated “text-words” may become the Pygmalion of tomorrow. Texts and tweets may someday totally replace emails, phone calls and media reports, but there is no substitute for experience. You can’t tweet it or text it or Instagram it.

A lifetime of experience is something  we have that they don’t. The sustaining element of real human connection is something we built our careers on, but they are losing it somewhat due to the double edged blade of technology.

Let’s be certain we share our experience, because they need to learn from us. Their ability to access instant data may be far beyond ours, but their experience is lacking. They haven’t put in the time like we have.

The leaders of tomorrow are great, let’s help them become greater! This is our role as leaders today.

It’s a huge responsibility.


I know! Right?!

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