Rotary, Hot Dogs, My Dad and Me

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My Dad was a Rotarian. I remember him heading off to work a Rotary hot dog stand on more than one occasion. He was also a Century 21 real estate agent and I clearly remember his mustard yellow Century 21 blazer. What’s odd is that I have this memory of him heading off to a hot dog stand in his mustard yellow Century 21 blazer…could that be true?

My Dad was a journalist as well. He was the trivia man before trivia games were popular. He knew little known details that always surprised me. He was at the airport when The Beatles first landed in Los Angeles. He started the first “help” column in print journalism. He was tall and ornery and a cowboy at heart. He had a temper, but would do anything for his girls. He wore cowboy boots, but was really never a rancher – although his Dad was. He had 6 brothers and sisters. He drove a Renault. He loved bars and socializing. He had an eye for interior design. He was an artist.

Why am I telling you these things? Because my Dad was also a philanthropist. He didn’t have a lot of money, but he gave. He gave in time, service, and dollars.  In other words, my Dad was a donor. And as a fundraiser, the seemingly unimportant details I listed above would have been helpful in determining what kind of donor my Dad might be.

If you’re a fundraiser, take a look at the details and imagine what kind of presentation you might have made to my Dad…it will be a good exercise. Then remember to do your homework before approaching your donors. The more you know about them – the REAL them – the more successful your relationship will be.

I loved my Dad. Even in that hideous mustard yellow blazer. I am a Rotarian because of his example. I sold real estate for Century 21 for 5 years. I love to write. I still love small European cars. I love to network and socialize. I love interior design. I had 6 kids. I am a wannabe artist. I don’t have a lot of money either, but I am passionate about the causes I support.

Oh, and I even had a hideous mustard yellow blazer of my own. What kind of donor might I be?

Isn’t that the million dollar (or atleast $25) question for a fundraiser?

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