Philanthropy rocks.

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I’ve been a nonprofit person for decades. I’ve led organizations. I’ve raised money. I’ve lifted heavy boxes. I’ve swept floors after events. I’ve collected dues. I’ve managed silent auctions. I’ve built fundraising plans. I’ve drafted marketing content. I’ve packed boxes. I’ve done research. I’ve written grants. I’ve crafted mission statements. I’ve redirected entire vision statements so they align with the mission. I’ve told stories. I’ve shared experiences. I’ve spoken to large audiences. I’ve visited members. I’ve met with donors. I’ve recruited staff. I’ve made a lot of people very happy and I’ve pissed off a few. I’ve gotten down and dirty. I’ve been dressed to the nines. I’ve raised a lot of money. I’ve never been embarrassed to ask.  I’ve been honest, I’ve been creative, I’ve been direct. I’ve over-promised, and I’ve also over-delivered. I’ve failed a few times. I’ve disappointed on occasion. I’ve surpassed expectations more. I’ve learned, and I’m still learning. I’ve become a pseudo-techy. I’ve succeeded. I’ve survived.  I’ve been lied to and I’ve been a confidante. I’ve critiqued, edited, created, built up and torn down, pushed, pleaded, and even sometimes been silent. I’ve raced right into the radar and I’ve stayed under it. I’ve led and followed and done both at the same time. I’ve excelled. I’ve surpassed. I’ve underwhelmed. I’ve wiped sweat from my brow. I’ve torn my jeans. I’ve ruined clothing. I’ve involved my kids. I’ve shared with friends. I’ve moved all over the US. I’ve travelled internationally. I’ve worked. I’ve played. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve built relationships.

But no matter where I was, what organization I was working for, what my title morphed into, what my responsibilities were, who liked me, who didn’t like me, what I was doing, or what I wasn’t  – I was always working for a good cause, something I believed in.

I am a nonprofit professional. I work with people who share a passion to make a difference. And for that I will always be grateful.

I love what I do. Philanthropy rocks.

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