Is Leadership in Your DNA?

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I remember my mother telling me that I was a born leader. As the firstborn of three, I absolutely gained all the beneficial (and off-putting) traits of the oldest child. This 2013 article lists these enviable (?) traits very creatively. And all I can say is “Guilty as described”. Just ask my younger sis.

Leadership is more than being smarter, in charge, and entitled. And, no offense Mom, leadership isn’t in my DNA. I wasn’t born to lead. How about you? Do you feel that from the moment of your first breath, as you were being held upside down and struggled to look up, you were born to lead? Maybe you do.

Leaders are a unique brand of human. We are confident. We are good listeners. We are risk takers. And, yes, we are smart. But most important, we are willing to say “yes”. We are up to the task. There may be others around us who could do just as well (or better) than we can, but they didn’t raise their hand. We did.

In a recent Business Insider article, it’s stated this way, “Leadership isn’t a gift from birth. It’s the willingness to assume responsibility when others don’t.”

Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types. They may have been the firstborn, or not. They may be a redhead, blonde, or brunette. They may be male or female. They may tower above in height or intellect, or both. Or not. There is not a mold that leaders are made from. Every leader has their own unique qualities and perspective that are right for the situation at hand.

Being a leader at one moment, does not mean you’ll always be a leader. I’ve been a leader of organizations, groups, and clubs, but I’ve also learned from great leaders of organizations, groups, and clubs when I’ve recognized their strengths and chosen to follow. A successful leader never stops learning. It is critical that leaders continue to learn and grow.

Leaders cannot let egos or pride take over; they cannot stop listening to input from others. What they can do is learn to follow when a stronger leader appears, step up and make the final decision when they are the leader, and most important, they can empower and motivate others to follow their lead. Leaders are influencers. Their actions, words, and even thoughts, will influence others toward an identified goal. This is a great responsibility.

A true leader understands this. He owns it. He feels it in every fiber of his body.

Maybe leadership really is in your DNA after all?

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