Jean Baugh Krisle

In her more than 30 years of experience as a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Jean Baugh Krisle has enjoyed working with thousands of leaders. Working with politicians, religious leaders, visionaries, CFOs, nonprofit executives and fundraisers, and Fortune 500 CEOs, Jean has shared her skills and expertise on stages, in conference rooms, offices, churches, restaurants and even while digging ditches in a remote village in Nepal. 

Bringing to the table more than two decades of professional nonprofit leadership and development experience, along with an innate knack for reasoning, approachable personality, expert’s knowledge, and passion-fueled energy, Jean hits the stage (or ditch) with a high energy level that is palpable and contagious and its is instantly clear why she is there: to help that particular audience reach their goals and achieve greater success. She does her homework and speaks directly to the aspirations, needs and ambitions of her audience.

With a blend of outgoing personality, modern technology, and sage advice, Jean’s ultimate goal is to leave each audience member uplifted, energized, and ready to launch forward. She achieves this with light-hearted humor, audience participation, and by sharing personal stories from her own life. No mistake in her past is off limits–Jean openly shares lessons from her failures as well as her successes. Her unique mix of old school wisdom and new age technology gives Jean an edge in the world of communication that very few have. 

Confident in what life has taught her, Jean will never forget where she began and the winding road has brought her to today. She always delivers a message laced with inspirational snippets of wisdom that her audience can easily remember and carry with them long after the conference or training ends. Dynamic, approachable, and direct, Jean’s approach to life is an example of the principles she believes in: authenticity, competence, courage, passion, faith, commitment, perseverance, flexibility, and service. Jean was once hired with a job description created specifically for her stating “always include Jean where a warm personality is needed.”

In her wildest imaginations during her years of balancing kids and jobs, Jean never expected to someday work in Washington DC as the Vice President of Communications for Atlas Network, an international nonprofit organization working to promote freedom worldwide, nor did she expect to travel to Nepal as the marketing and communications lead for Utah-based CHOICE Humanitarian. Jean also could not have anticipated the move, from Washington State where she managed Corporate and Community Outreach for Suncadia Resort, to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she handled development and outreach for the Rio Grande Foundation.  The message of “expect the unexpected” is part and parcel of her presentations.

Philanthropy has played a large role in Jean’s career, and her expertise in communication and marketing was fine tuned during the years she worked as an executive director and fundraiser for a variety of nonprofit organizations and community associations. The importance of philanthropy in the for-profit world is something Jean is passionate about as well. The opportunity for a healthier corporate climate and unified team is a direct result of corporate responsibility through philanthropic activity. 

Launched in 1993, Jean’s company The Resource Tank has grown from a small K-12 consulting firm to a respected resource for individuals and organizations seeking expert advice in the areas of effective leadership, engaging communication, development strategies, board development, and philanthropic culture. 

Prior to leaping into the professional world from the volunteer wagon, Jean also served as a Trustee for the Rim of the World Unified School District (California), on the Board of Directors of the California School Board Association (CSBA), and as a lobbyist for K-12 education in Sacramento. 

Although exemplified in her professional experience, Jean’s organization and communication skills might also be traced to the three decades she spent raising her children: a mother of 6, step-mother to 5, and grandmother to 19, Jean’s life is anchored in a fearless dedication to her faith, family, and friends. It was within the walls of her own home that she first taught about respect for self and for others, and about perseverance, responsibility, entrepreneurship, communication, positive energy, humor, forgiveness, humility, philanthropy, liberty, and honesty.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience coupled with invaluable wisdom gleaned from her colleagues, clients, friends, and family, Jean is a valuable asset to organizations and individuals seeking the next level of excellence.

Based in Utah, Jean travels regularly throughout the United States (and beyond) and is available for seminars, training, keynote presentations and consulting needs. A member of the National Speakers Association, Jean considers her role as speaker a serious responsibility and works daily to improve her skills, her message, and her energy.

Hold on to your seat if Jean is coming your way…she’s going to rock your world!


Contact info: or 801-875-2821.