Our Team

Welcome to The RESOURCE Tank – we have been providing professional support to individuals, nonprofit organizations, and corporations for more than two decades.

Launched originally as a consulting firm focused on K-12 education policy, The RESOURCE Tank has become an independently-owned professional consulting firm dedicated to advancing a culture of philanthropy in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. In addition, we work together with organizations to strengthen three key components necessary for success:  leadership, fundraising and philanthropy.

Jean Baugh Krisle, President – Currently working with clients across the United States and Canada, Jean brings to the table nearly 25 years of  leadership experience. Add an innate knack for reasoning, an approachable personality, and passion-fueled energy, and it’s obvious why Jean is so often called upon to provide counsel and support to organizations working to improve their results.

With a passion for honest leadership and ethical relationships, Jean is well-known for her  management and operations capabilities, including successful events,  fundraising expertise, and a natural ability to build relationships through effective communication. Jean enjoys speaking to large audiences, and equally enjoys getting to know people one-on-one. A recent speaker at the 2013 JCCs of North America annual leadership conference, Jean received excellent reviews on her two presentations – Storytelling and Moves Management.


Jean’s résumé spans her tenure as Vice President of Communications at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (Washington DC), Vice President of Development at the Rio Grande Foundation (New Mexico), Director of Corporate and Community Outreach at the Suncadia Resort (Washington), Director of Promotions and Events at Lake Arrowhead Village, and Executive Director positions at several Chambers of Commerce in Southern California. Prior to “officially” jumping on the nonprofit wagon, Jean served as a Trustee for the Rim of the World Unified School District (California) and a lobbyist for K-12 education in Sacramento.

Although exemplified in her professional experiences, Jean’s organization and communication skills might also be traced to the three decades she spent raising her children: a mother of 6 and grandmother to 16, Jean’s life is anchored in a fearless dedication to her faith, friends, family, and the principles of freedom. It was within the walls of her own home that she first taught the principles of freedom, respect, entrepreneurship, communication, positive energy, perseverance, responsibility, humor, being teachable, and the importance of honest relationships.

Drawing on over 25 years of nonprofit management and fundraising experience and the wisdom gleaned from her colleagues, clients, friends and family, Jean is a valuable asset to organizations seeking the next level of excellence. Based in Carmel, California since 2012, Jean is available for consulting, speaking, and training.

Contact Jean at jean@theresourcetank.com.


Our Amazing Resource Team

Kelly Washburn, Customer Service – Known for her professionalism, vibrancy and attention to detail, Kelly’s expertise is built on a foundation of strong customer service values and years of experience in retail, hospitality and nonprofit work.  A certified cross-training instructor and owner of Mint Fitness, Kelly is well-known for her own personal standard of excellence, Kelly inspires outstanding effort and top-notch results in health and fitness, as well as organizational management, customer service, and event planning. A graduate of Southern Utah University with a degree in hospitality and a minor in marketing, Kelly knows how to get the job done, and get it done right.


Karynn Jorgensen, Marketing  – With a flair for flash, Karynn Jorgensen’s photographic skills add pizzazz to any event, and personality to web and print communications. Never happy with a run-of-the-mill shot, Karynn takes photography to a higher level through the use of natural lighting, spontaneous settings and creative editing. Whether capturing the emotions of a keynote speaker, chasing down a staged shot, or catching the audience unaware, Karynn’s images always tell a story. The owner of BloomShoot Photography, Karynn’s images are likely to become a key component of an organization’s communication efforts.


Kollin Avarell, Team Building – Kollin’s team building seminars create immediate energy in what can sometimes feel like a burned out corporate culture. Kollin is a 3rd degree black belt and owner of Utah Kenpo, but it is his carefree and natural ability to identify and connect with people that builds trust and energizes his presentations. Cutting to the chase by inspiring respect, integrity and camaraderie through a series of traditional and non-traditional teaching methods, Kollin’s seminars inspire synergy and collaboration. Kollin effectively uses humor to make a point, knows how to listen, and also speaks American Sign Language (ASL).