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Your Board and Fundraising

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 | 1 comment

Next week I will be facilitating a 3-hour Board Training workshop in Washington DC. Our focus is on the board’s role in fundraising and how each unique member can be effective in helping with a nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts.

As I’ve prepared for the training, it’s become very apparent to me that many board members don’t see themselves as fundraisers. Even more concerning, they don’t want to be involved in fundraising.

There are differing views on a board member’s role in fundraising for a nonprofit organization, to be sure. But to me, it seems like a no-brainer. Of COURSE they should be involved.

Your nonprofit board is not staff. They are not paid representatives of your organization (typically), but they are a critical part of your organization’s team. They have signed on as ambassadors by agreeing to serve on your board. They have often signed agreements to donate hours, money, resources. If nothing else, they have allowed you to attach their name to your organization. They are important. They are influential. They are key players…and not just in policymaking decision, but in fundraising.

Not every board member is able to donate funds to an organization, although all should be asked. But every board member can help with fundraising in many ways, including the following:

  1. Recommend your organization to their friends and colleagues
  2. Identify their personal and professional circle of influence and recommend potential donors based on their knowledge of the person or organization
  3. Sit on your organization’s development committee
  4. Attend your organization’s events and participate in the storytelling
  5. Attend civic and community events and share your organization’s story
  6. Join the CEO in potential donor visits
  7. And the list goes on….
Signing on as a board member for a nonprofit organization is more than just adding a name to the letterhead, it’s a commitment based on passion for your mission and confidence in your efforts and leadership. It’s not a surprise that many board members don’t think of themselves as fundraisers, not many do. It’s not a role many seek after. But with training and a little information, there is rarely a better fundraiser than a motivated board member. It’s worth the effort.
We can’t expect board members to know how to fundraise, or to even understand their role in fundraising, without providing them some basic training and information. It should be part of every organization’s annual planning retreat.
If you are a board member, you are a fundraiser. You may never have to ASK, but you will always be carrying the message.
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Helping Recovery Inc.

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In the past year, I’ve been working to create a new nonprofit organization. I’ve done this quietly but steadily. My goal was to launch in 2013, and guess what, we made it!

Helping Recovery Inc. was formally launched today and I am pleased to introduce it to you here, on my original website. Thank gosh I have the experience I do!

Helping Recovery Inc., the brainchild of a network of professionals connected personally and professionally to addiction and recovery. We are bound by a shared passion and understanding of the life-changing affects of addiction, to the addict and to anyone surrounding that person.

Addiction is everywhere we look; it is not what happens to everyone else. Addiction affects nearly everyone. At home, in the workplace, at church or school, etc. None are exempt.

Our mission at Helping Recovery is to save lives and to help break the grip of addiction by providing financial support for treatment to those in need.

I’ll peek in here from time to time, but for the next few months I’ll be focusing most of my time on Helping Recovery. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter and join us in this fight to save lives.

Save a life. Change yours.

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