Interim Management

Interim management is the provision of senior management resources on a temporary basis to organizations that require an immediate, short-term need.

In the non-profit world we experience short-term needs for interim management in two primary areas: executive management and development (fundraising). In the for-profit world, short-term needs can be at any level of management.

With a history of short-term and interim positions in executive leadership positions with several non-profit organizations and various Chambers of Commerce, Jean Baugh Krisle is well-equipped to dive right in and steady the course while your organization is in the process of identifying a new permanent hire.

There are a number of factors that appeal to companies when considering using interim management services, including:

  • Speed — Based on her current responsibilities, Jean can typically be there in days.
  • Experience — Jean is highly qualified, experienced, and able to produce as soon as she arrives on the scene.
  • Objectivity — As the interim manager, Jean is unencumbered by previous staff relationships, company politics, or career advancement goals and able to provide fresh perspective.
  • Accountability — As interim manager, Jean will have primary accountability for project timelines, resources and budgets.
  • Commitment — Good interim managers embrace the challenges of different and difficult assignments, leaving when the project ends. This is where Jean shines. She’ll make your business, her business. And then she’ll pass the baton to your new hire and move on.
If  your organization is seeking a short term, highly qualified interim manager, contact Jean at 801-875-2821 or