Developing a Culture of Philanthropy in a For-Profit Business

Philanthropy is the golden rule in practice. It’s the good Samaritan personified. Philanthropy is the love of humanity. The love of what it is to be human.

In the world of business, clients respect a philanthropic corporation; before investing or buying they often research to discover if a company “gives back.” They tend to favor those who give back. And more so today than every before. People are informed and aware. They appreciate human kindness from the corporate level.

It’s critical that for-profit businesses understand the important role of philanthropic giving and become “philanthropic organizations” – inside and out. More than ever before, it is imperative to create a Culture of Philanthropy in your organization. And this really does have to start from within. It’s a process, and it works.


Today’s customer is savvy and connected. Today’s customer is also philanthropically engaged. Corporations, businesses, and organizations need to understand the critical importance of a philanthropic image. The public is watching and taking notes…and they don’t take prisoners. They just shop, or invest, or recommend – elsewhere. We can help you build or strengthen the philanthropic brand of your company. It’s a process, and it’s doable.


Your customers want a relationship with you, they want to know you. Today’s public is as concerned with your philanthropic profile as they are with your new brand campaign. Philanthropy breeds good will, good will breeds good customers.  Let us help you create a strong culture of philanthropy in your business today and help you gain more loyal customers and a stronger bottom line.

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