Developing A Culture of Philanthropy In A Nonprofit Organization


A nonprofit organization’s culture of philanthropy doesn’t always happen spontaneously. It can take strategic planning similar to fundraising planning. What you might not realize is that creating a culture of philanthropy in your organization (do you and your nonprofit colleagues donate to your own organization?) is critical to the success of your fundraising efforts.

Additionally, creating a culture of philanthropy in the corporations you work with will increase their giving  as a corporation and through their individual employees. Let us help you better understand and develop a culture of philanthropy in your organization and in your partner organizations.

We focus on some very basic principles to develop your culture of philanthropy and increase your fundraising success:

  1. Clear communications
  2. Ethical fundraising outreach
  3. Sustainable relationships
  4. Inspiring Storytelling
  5. Moves Management
  6. Realistic goals
  7. Responsible and honest management of donor funds
  8. Transparency
  9. Putting the right people with the right fundraising tasks
  10. Building a comprehensive development plan

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