The Penguin Leader

The story behind our logo. 

In 2003 there were 46 penguins living at the San Francisco Zoo. Their lives were pretty simple: a quick dip in the water to cool off and the remainder of their days spent lazing in the sun or napping in the sand.

One day a half dozen new penguins arrived from another location.  The newbies jumped right into the water and spent their days swimming, playing, and swimming some more. From day one these six active penguins ignored the sun-bathing 46. They started swimming early in the morning and they swam all day until they stopped at dusk, completely tuckered out.  

After a period of time, the 46 onlookers began to swim with the newbies, starting early in the morning and ending at dusk. Six unknown penguins had influenced a change in behavior and lifestyle of the 46 old friends. 

The power of example cannot be overstated. It motivates and inspires others to ‘up their game’. Even penguins have a desire to excel, to perform well, and to use their talents. There is much we can learn from this story, beginning with the quiet, yet powerful, influence a leader can have without force, coercion, or discord among the flock troops. Source: Michael Hyatt (